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2013 Cosplay List

Hey everyone! 

I hope you're all having an amazing year so far, and I hope the rest will be good as well! 

As I promised on the last post, I'm here to talk about my 2013 cosplay plans! I am going to say right away that I don't know how my year will go - financially - so some things may or may not be cancelled. But I really hope I can do them all! But if I give up on something, I'll just try doing it next year!

I feel like 2013 will be an amazing cosplay year for me! Truth be told, I have been deciding this list for about half a year and changed it several times. But I think I made good choices in the end.

So here is my cosplay list!

 Naruko's clothes are inspired on Naruto's outfit in Naruto Shippuden, I won't cosplay a naked character
Note 2: The Galaxy picture was made by Alexandruluilian and you can find it here

So, this is my cosplay list for 2013. I hope you guys like it!

Since last year I based my costumes around the Naruto fandom, this year I tried to bring more variety not only to myself, but also to you guys. Obviously I will still do at least one character from Naruto (in this case Madara, which is already half finished).

I also tried to do more female costumes, and not have a majority of male characters. I feel like I need to cosplay more girls!! As you can see, OC's will be present in this year's list as well, and I'm really excited about it!

About photoshoots, I will be doing some new shoots of previous costumes (I can tell you right away I will be doing a new one for Itachi (Angels of Revolution) and Carla Radames). And of course, shoots for all the cosplay I'll do this year!

Since we're talking about shoots, I'll talk about conventions and events as well. I really want to go to Japan Expo (France) this year! But I'm not sure if I'll have the money and the chance to. I will try going to most portuguese cons in 2013! I really want to be with the awesome people I've been meeting ever since I started cosplaying *o*

And this is all for now guys! I will post progress pictures of my Madara Uchiha cosplay when I finish it, which will be really soon! Stay tunned.

(I apologize for posting this so late!)


Itachi Uchiha - Street Style

Character: Itachi Uchiha
Manga/Anime: Naruto
Version: Street Style (Original)
Status: Finished
First used: Private Photoshoot (2012) 
Planning on using again? Only for private photoshoots or meetings

About: Everyone knows I love Itachi Uchiha right? I did 2 different versions of him in Street Style/Casual clothing before, but  honestly didn't like any of them. One afternoon I went out with some friends and they asked me to go in cosplay. So I just put this together spontaneously and loved the result!


Photos by CanadaPoke