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Iberanime Lx 2012

Hey everyone! 

I was going to do this a couple days ago, but I've been waiting for pictures the entire week. And since no one gave me the damn con pictures, I'm gonna do this post how I can. So apologise right away for the lack of images.

Anyway... I had so much fun at this con! It was great to spend some quality time with my friends and, of course, cosplay!

DAY 1 - 17th March 2012 - Itachi: Angels of Revolution (Naruto)
Ah... I woke up late that day. Again. I've been waking up for cons at late hours, but I can only blame that on school (it makes me so tired).

At 12:30 p.m I was eating and almost entirely dressed. I only arrived there at about 2 p.m though >.< 

This year, Iberanime Lx was held in LX Factory in Alcântara (Lisbon). I think the place was a bit small, to be honest (specially compared to last year's). And I had absolutely no idea where it was! Fortunately this time the GPS helped (it usually doesn't) and we didn't get lost.

I decided to wear Itachi - Angels of Revolution this day because many of my friends asked me to. It ended up being a huge mistake! People kept bumping into my wings and I could barelly walk around without getting stuck somewhere (again, the place was smaller than what I thought it would be).

Photo by TiaraPixel at Photoshoot #9 2012

I promise new pictures of this costume soon!! And when I say soon, I really mean SOON (like this week). I would post a picture of the photoshoot I did for this costume, but then I would spoil all the fun. And I don't want to.

I had a picture my girlfriend found on Facebook, but I have no idea where I put it. So I won't show it either.

DAY 2 - 18th March 2012 - Ion Fortuna (Trinity Blood) 
I woke up late, but at least I arrived earlier than the previous day!

I went as Ion Fortuna this day. I absolutely love this costume! <3 It was made by Lenore-Eeva-Leena, one of my cosplay idols!! *-*

Photo by Ritsu & Co. at Iberanime Lx 2012
Me and NightmanEXE (as Kurapika) at Iberanime Lx 2012

I spent the day with my girlfriend, my friend Ana and some other friends. I had a blast this day X3 Even more than the day before.

Photos of Ion Fortuna only in the end of the year. Sorry :(

Congratulations to the winners of Iberanime's Group cosplay competition and also for the finalists of CWM KonCookie and Nadia Baiardi!

I bought more things at the con then I was planning to... but I guess I won't be spending money for a while now, so it's fine (though I'm saving for SnJ Kisame's wig).

Yes, I really like to buy Naruto related things XD

And that's all for now... I'm also planning on doing a new post still this week, talking about some cosplay plans. I don't know which day, maybe Thursday or Friday (since I'm vacation I have more time).


The new Layout is finished!!

Hey everyone! 

Finally, the blog is finished!

I personaly love how it came out. So much better than the previous layout. I looks more professional now... like a real website.

Tell me what you think, please!  Hope you like it. And have fun! 

New posts soon!! XD