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End of Cosplay year + New Year

Hey everyone! 

I hope you guys had a nice Christmas! Mine was nice, I didn't get much but that's not what matters to me during this festivity. Also, I wish you all right away a great New Year, since we won't be talking until after the beggining of 2013.

I just wanted to make a small and quick post about my 2012 Cosplay Year. I didn't do much, but it was still a good year!

From left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Itachi Uchiha - Angels of Revolution (original version) - Naruto (Debuted: Photoshoot #9)
  2. Ion Fortuna - Arabian Nights - Trinity Blood (Debuted: Anipop Kyuu-Ti 2011 - completed this year)
  3. Itachi Uchiha - Mafia/Suit (original version) - Naruto (Debuted: Anicomics 2012)
  4. Itachi Uchiha - Sexy no Jutsu Summer Dress (original version) - Naruto (Debuted: Private Photoshoot)
  5. Kurapika - 1st Outfit - Hunter x Hunter (Debuted: Anicomics 2011 - completed this year)
  6. Mikoto Uchiha - Naruto (Debuted: Midori II)
  7. Carla Radames - Resident Evil 6 (Debuted: FIBDA 2012)
  8. Itachi Uchiha - Street Style (original version) - Naruto (Debuted: Private Photoshoot)
So those were my 2012 cosplays! I just realised that I cosplayed Itachi Uchiha in 4 different versions in just a year. I swear I am not obsessed! 

I didn't do half the costumes I was planning, but honestly I'm glad it went that way. I had a relaxed cosplay year and I wasn't forced into doing something that I would have no time/money for. I prefer to do less and better, than do a lot and badly.

I'm not planning on talking much about my 2013 Cosplay year in this post since I'm going to make another one which will be just about that. All I can tell you right now is that I already have the list of cosplays to do and it will be the year of troublesome costumes, and a lot of hard work!

This is all, and see you next year! Thanks for reading <3


New cosplay: Carla Radames (Resident Evil 6)

Hey everyone! 

Even though this is going to be a small post (I'll explain why further on), I wanted to show you guys my newest costume: Carla Radames from Resident Evil 6!

SPOILER: I do not want to spoil anyone but this is not Ada Wong, please do your research.

I'm not sure if this picture is from the actual game's artwork, but it's the best reference on the web

Probably some of you know that Carla is a relatively new character to the RE fandom, so it's still a bit hard to find decent pictures of her. That is one of the reasons this post is going to be so small, I don't have many reference pictures to show you : (

I wanted to bring this costume for FIBDA 2012 (AmadoraBD) which was held last month. However, I only decided that I wanted to do it 4 days before the event, so this costume was made in just 3 days! It was one of the most thrilling and at the same time scary cosplay adventures that I ever had!

Just a reference for the back of her dress, it's open like in the front part | Picture from Resident Evil 6.

Yes, I know what you're all thinking, I don't have the body type or the looks to cosplay this character. I know and I do realize that.

But Carla is (just like SnJ Kakuzu) a challenge to me. It's me trying to portray a character that I really like, and stay true to her but making it manageable and appropriate for who I am. Obviously a person with a nice body would look much better than me, but I'm just trying to say that you don't have to be all sexy and perfect to do this type of character.

As for photos of the making-off, I barely have anything to show you (that is the main reason to why this post will be a miniature compared to the others). I was always in a huge rush, so I didn't took many pictures ;___;

I already had the dress completely cut in here but I still had a lot to do!
Working on the sleeves and on the right it's my grandma's hands (she was helping me out)

This is all I have of the dress! Like I said, I didn't take many pictures... I know the color looks a bit off, but it's because of my camera's flash (I worked during the evening and night because I have school in the morning, so I had to take photos with the flash on).

Left: The earrings before I cut most of them out | Right: Finished earrings

I honestly thought that the earrings would be the hardest part because as many of you know I don't have my ears pierced (personal choice), so when a character has earrings I always have a lot of work ahead since I usually can't find what I want with clip-ons.

But this time it was different, I found those earrings at Claire's, they were super cheap and pretty much what I wanted! I had to cut the inner part out as well as some of the hoops but that was it! 

The boots before I did anything to them

Those are the boots that I bought for the costume! They were super cheap as well and they're actually quite confortable (though after walking for about 2 hours non-stop you just can't stand those heels anymore). I removed the studs because Carla's boots don't have them.

The shitload of studs that I had to take off

Believe it or not, my fingers were so hurt and bleeding a bit after I finished taking off all of the studs... they were so hard to remove!! 

And here is the wonderful (not) WIP picture that I posted on my Tumblr the night before the event! I still had to sew the bottom seam and the scarf (it looks finished, it's not). The belt and gloves are from my mom (she lent them to me).

I really like how this costume came out, I think that I look pretty in it (not sexy but pretty)! I know her dress has an opening on the bottom but I chose not to do it. It's not really that important, you can barely see it in the game anyway.

Here goes a photo with no edition that I took at the con, just so you can see the costume:

Photo by Fiaziinha
I have more photos but I'm waiting for the right time to do a proper photoshoot in a more urbanistic place (probably Expo) since well, Resident Evil is all about that. And zombies, but that I won't have XD

I also appeared twice on FIBDA's cosplay video. Here's the link!

That is all! I will update when I have more stuff for you guys!



Character: Kurapika
Manga/Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Version: 1st Outfit
Status: Finished
First used: Anicomics'11 (2011)
Planning on using again? Yes

About: I've always thought that Kurapika was one of those characters that would fit my bone structure, so it has been in my cosplay list ever since he first appeared in Hunter x Hunter! Though at first I admit, I wasn't a big fan of this character, Kurapika has grown on me, a lot. This one has to be my favorite of his outfits, next to the red jacket one. Though I've used this cosplay firstly in 2011, I've only had the chance to make a photoshoot with it in the end of 2012.


 Photos by TiaraPixel

Mikoto Uchiha

Character: Mikoto Uchiha
Manga/Anime: Naruto
Version: Default
Status: Finished
First used: Midori II (2012)
Planning on using again? Yes

About: I've been wanting to cosplay Mikoto for a long time! I've always thought she was a very interesting, gorgeous character and also a very good and lovely mother! After Naruto chapter 590 came out, I immediately started planning this cosplay! After finally knowing the entire story behind the Uchiha clan massacre, I had to do it


Photos by Fiaziinha

Convention Report: Midori II

Hey everyone! 

So, it's time for a new convention report! This time I'm going to talk about Midori II.

So, Midori II was held during the 22nd and 23rd September in Centro Galego de Lisboa! It was the first time that I went to a Midori event and also the first time I've been at that place!

I went both days and met amazing people there! *o*

DAY 1 - 22nd September 2012 - Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter)
My morning was super stressful that day! 

I had to wake up really early because my parents were going to a small trip in Alentejo, so I had to go to my grandparent's house. I had to carry my costume to their house, on foot, and it was almost raining! The weather looked horrible, I thought it was going to rain the entire day! ;__;

I decided to take Kurapika that day! I hadn't worn this costume in over a year and besides, I didn't have any pictures of it! So it was a great opportunity to make a photoshoot! 

My grandpa took me there on his car. Neither of us had ever been to Centro Galego de Lisboa, so we didn't have a clear idea of how to get there. We finally found a place to park, but we had to walk a bit because we still had to find it! And guess what? WE GOT LOST!

But, thanks to some guy we found it! If it wasn't for him we would have never gotten there!

The con was in this huge house! To be honest, I was a bit disapointed because the space outside was a little bit small. And because the stage was also outside, which to be honest, sucks.

However, it had a garden with a fountain and a small lake, lots of green spaces and an amazing view! *o* That's where I did my photoshoots!

I didn't took more pictures of the garden because I forgot ;w;

I was so excited to meet all my friends!

I finally met Malakai! *o* She's so sweet and cute! I feel sad we didn't get to take a picture together but I'm sure we can see each other some other time. Maybe even this year!

I met so many people, I can't name everyone! I spent a bit of the day with Fiaziinha, Misaki, João and Caty!

Me and my cosplay idol Lenore-Eeva-Leena *o* I look horrible!

Me and Lena-chan! I look horrible again! ;___;

So, I did a photoshoot with Lena-chan as the photographer (I love her Tsunade cosplay so much *o*) and also as a cosplayer! If you read my blog you know that she has done several of my photoshoots, and they're always so amazing!!

Of course, this one was no exception! She's so talented! And the location helped a lot too! I will be posting photos of the shoot really soon!

My feet!

At the end of the afternoon I also did a shoot (as the photographer) with my friend BloodandCandies! She looked super pretty! You can see some of the pictures we took in her gallery.

DAY 2 - 23nd September 2012 - Mikoto Uchiha (Naruto)
I thought it'd be a calm day because my parents were already home and I didn't have to carry stuff around, but... I LOST MY WALLET! Yeah, I lost it, so I spent like half an hour searching for it at my house, already in costume! And yes, I found it!

Despite this little problem, I was super excited because I was finally going to wear my Mikoto Uchiha costume!

Me and Fiaziinha!

This day was a blast! I did another photoshoot, this time with Fiaziinha! I was both the photographer and the model! I carried around a baby Itachi the entire day, but it was so awesome! And I loved when people recognized me because of the plushie ahaha XD

Uchiha Mikoto by TheGothica (photo by Fiaziinha)
My feet again!!
I bought a lot of stuff! Two Naruto badges, some lolita accessories, a Sasuke phone-charm... And then, I bought the most amazing thing ever!

I finally have the Kusanagi sword (Sasuke's sword)! Now I can start thinking about cosplaying Sasuke Uchiha! I just need to find a decent wig and YES, I will cosplay Sasuke!

That's all for now (I'm super tired >.<)! Hope you guys liked it and expect new photos soon! Also, I am updating the costume gallery!


New cosplay: Mikoto Uchiha (Naruto)

Hey everyone! 

I am finally making another post here! And yes, I already have another new costume! It's Mikoto Uchiha from Naruto!

Artwork from the official databook

I've wanted to cosplay Mikoto for a long time. I've always thought she was a very interesting, gorgeous character and also a very good and lovely mother! Besides, she's the mother of the famous Uchiha Brothers!

After Naruto chapter 590 came out, I immediately started planning this cosplay. After finally knowing the entire story behind the Uchiha clan massacre, I had to do it. Though, I only started it some weeks ago!

Here goes two more reference pictures for you guys:

Both pictures are real screenshots from the anime

Like I said, she's such a beautiful woman! And I've always thought her facial structure fits mine so it was another positive factor that made me gather enough courage and do the costume!

As for the fabrics, here's what I bought:


I decided to discard my first idea, which was to do everything except for the shirt (that would have been bought somewhere), and do everything by myself! I think that way it looks so much better and besides, I feel an even bigger connection with the costume because I did every single thing!

I admit that during the process of creating this cosplay, I was really lazy to take pictures. so I can't show you the exact process of how I made everything. Though, I can explain it to you if you want!

(I apologise for the bad quality of some pictures)

Left: Process of cutting the apron | Right: The straps for the back and shoulders!
Almost finished!!

I had never made an apron before, so it was a new and great experience! It's actually really easy (in my opinion). I could have finished it in a day, but as you know I'm lazy, so I did a bit every day during 3 days.

After this one I feel like doing more for me or maybe even to sell, since I'll re-open commissions soon :3

Left: Process of cutting the shirt | Right: The skirt at about 60%
My grandma explaining a couple of things to me before I cut the shirt. I used another shirt as a reference

The skirt wasn't really hard to do, because I used my grandma's patterns. She explains and teaches me a lot of things, otherwise I wouldn't be able to do half the stuff I make. Besides, she also helps me out quite a lot!

As for the shirt, it was challenge time. I hate making jackets and shirts because I'm horrible with sleeves. This time it was no different, but once again my amazing grandma gave me a hand and everything ended up coming out super nice!

Now for the real challenge: the Shinobi Sandals

4 of the steps to make the sandals
I had never made shinobi sandals in my life, but it was pretty cool to make them! Fortunately I found a good tutorial online (thank god) which explains it super well and also in a sort of easy way!

I bought some cheap flipflops at the chinese store, which surprisingly had the perfect color! Though I wish the fabric was a bit darker, but still, I think it came out perfect for the occasion.

2 more of the steps!
I finished both of them in two days, and of course that I procrastinated a bit (as always). I didn't took a pictures of the heel cuff part, but you can see it in the tutorial (it was pretty much the same anyways). 

Everything was glued with hot glue (which a rarely use, but it was how the tutorial said, so I followed it). And they're actually quite confortable to walk!

Here are some pictures of the (almost) finished costume!

I apologise for the colors! The camera didn't capture them properly, that's why I posted that initial picture with the fabrics all together!

And yes, the costume wasn't 100% finished when I took this pictures, but you can already see how it looks like! Of course, it looks so much better in real life *o*

As for the wig, I wore my (super) long black wig that I bought for Gothica about a year ago. It's such a pretty wig but I kind of ruined it a bit with the time ;__; It's way too big for Mikoto, but I didn't have the money to buy a shorter one, so this one it is! And I actually liked to see together with the costume!

I took this photo before going to last weekend's con: Midori II (it was taken with my webcam just before I went out). I already have lots of photos of this costume! I did an awesome photoshoot! *o* But I'll talk about that on the next post, which will be about Midori II!

And no, I'm not going to show any pictures right now. You'll have to wait a little bit more, not much though. Probably just some days.

That's all, hope you guys liked this one! <3


New cosplay [Itachi Uchiha - Sexy no Jutsu Summer Dress] and Photoshoot!!

Hey everyone! 

I'm finally making a new post!

And I'm finally bringing you guys a new cosplay! It's Itachi Uchiha - Sexy no Jutsu Summer Dress!

This was the picture that made me want to do this cosplay.  I first saw it on Tumblr and it had no source, so I'm not sure who the artist is, but the lines look like Rauhreif's so I think it's hers (I'm a Naruto fanart collector and appreciator so I know a lot of artists by their lines).

Still, I wanted to do my own version of (lady) Itachi in a summer dress and not just copy the artwork. Here's the result!

This is the fabric I chose. At first I was going for a completely white dress with some red adornments but then I decided that a floral pattern would be much better. I'm quite happy with the choice I made! It's pure cotton if you're wondering. The total was €21 (not much and I still have some fabric left at home!)

The shoes I bought for €5 at Seaside. They weren't really white but I couldn't care less, because I thought they fitted perfectly with the dress. And they really do! I also decided on something with a small heel. Actually they have more of a wedge than anything else, but a small one. 

This is the progress picture (I'm trying to save space XD). I made the bows from the same fabric as the dress and glued them to the front part of the shoes. I didn't do anything else except for that.

As for the hat, I bought a simple white hat to be the base for what I wanted to do! I didn't buy something very big because I thought it wouldn't look good. The only thing I really did with the hat was taking off the original 'flower' it had and applying the bow.

I prefered the bow because of the shoes. If the shoes had no adornments I would have used a flower instead of a bow. But once again, I'm not trying to replicate the picture, I'm just taking inspiration from it!

The basket with flowers was a last minute idea. At first I had no intention on making it but 2 days before the photoshoot I decided to make one. Just because I thought it would be a great prop!! And it turned out to be a good idea!

Here's the progress:

(sorry for the bad quality of the pictures!)

I applied molding clay on the basket so I could fixate the flowers. That was also a last minute idea! I had a bit of molding clay at home (I bought it a while ago to make a mask for a Tobi cosplay I ended up not doing,  but I may still do it this Summer or not, we'll see) Here's the final product!

(on the left is the back and on the right is the front part)

It looks a lot prettier in real life, believe me!! And the colors are so much more vibrant, I just don't feel like editing these... *lazy mode*

As for the dress, it was a chalenge to me since it was the first dress that I've ever made!

I think it came out quite well actually! I'm pretty happy with the result! *-* I may do a dress like this for myself sometime!

This last Thursday I did the photoshoot for this costume! Some time ago I invited Fiaziinha to be my Sasuke, also in a summer dress. She said yes, and I was so excited because I've always wanted to make a photoshoot with the Uchiha Brothers (sisters in this case XD).

Our photographer was Lena-chan! *-* She's such an amazing photographer!! She did my small SnJ Kakuzu photoshoot and has also taken some of my Kurapika pictures!

At first me and Fiaziinha wanted to go to Buddha Eden for this shoot, but things didn't turn out that way (basically we had no one to take us) so we ended up doing it on Expo! It's still a great place so I didn't mind!

Our scenery! Sorry for the crappy photo but this was taken at the end of the shoot so we were kind of in a hurry to get the hell out of there XD

We took a total of 250 pictures, and this might have been the shoot with the biggest amount of pictures taken that I've ever made! And our costumes weren't even big or hard to make...

I don't want to show lots of pics from the shoot and make this post even bigger than what it is already (giant ass post!), but I can show you some!

Lady Itachi being mean to her younger sister, Sasuko. And looking like a duck on crack at the same time! XD

Mustache time!!

And fuck yooou
Yup I just said 'fuck' in my blog.

The red ribbow got loose during the photoshoot so Sasuko is helping Lady Itachi to get it tied up again. Which ended up being Lena-chan to tie the knot because Sasuko couldn't do it right -/.\-
And she even asked Lady Itachi to be in that position which killed me.

This has to be the best picture of the entire shoot. Like... it's so perfect XD
And a big f*ck-yooooou~

Just a cute moment 

Us!~ <3

And this is all guys! For now at least. I will try to post pictures soon!