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End of Cosplay year + New Year

Hey everyone! 

I hope you guys had a nice Christmas! Mine was nice, I didn't get much but that's not what matters to me during this festivity. Also, I wish you all right away a great New Year, since we won't be talking until after the beggining of 2013.

I just wanted to make a small and quick post about my 2012 Cosplay Year. I didn't do much, but it was still a good year!

From left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Itachi Uchiha - Angels of Revolution (original version) - Naruto (Debuted: Photoshoot #9)
  2. Ion Fortuna - Arabian Nights - Trinity Blood (Debuted: Anipop Kyuu-Ti 2011 - completed this year)
  3. Itachi Uchiha - Mafia/Suit (original version) - Naruto (Debuted: Anicomics 2012)
  4. Itachi Uchiha - Sexy no Jutsu Summer Dress (original version) - Naruto (Debuted: Private Photoshoot)
  5. Kurapika - 1st Outfit - Hunter x Hunter (Debuted: Anicomics 2011 - completed this year)
  6. Mikoto Uchiha - Naruto (Debuted: Midori II)
  7. Carla Radames - Resident Evil 6 (Debuted: FIBDA 2012)
  8. Itachi Uchiha - Street Style (original version) - Naruto (Debuted: Private Photoshoot)
So those were my 2012 cosplays! I just realised that I cosplayed Itachi Uchiha in 4 different versions in just a year. I swear I am not obsessed! 

I didn't do half the costumes I was planning, but honestly I'm glad it went that way. I had a relaxed cosplay year and I wasn't forced into doing something that I would have no time/money for. I prefer to do less and better, than do a lot and badly.

I'm not planning on talking much about my 2013 Cosplay year in this post since I'm going to make another one which will be just about that. All I can tell you right now is that I already have the list of cosplays to do and it will be the year of troublesome costumes, and a lot of hard work!

This is all, and see you next year! Thanks for reading <3