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New cosplay [Itachi Uchiha - Sexy no Jutsu Summer Dress] and Photoshoot!!

Hey everyone! 

I'm finally making a new post!

And I'm finally bringing you guys a new cosplay! It's Itachi Uchiha - Sexy no Jutsu Summer Dress!

This was the picture that made me want to do this cosplay.  I first saw it on Tumblr and it had no source, so I'm not sure who the artist is, but the lines look like Rauhreif's so I think it's hers (I'm a Naruto fanart collector and appreciator so I know a lot of artists by their lines).

Still, I wanted to do my own version of (lady) Itachi in a summer dress and not just copy the artwork. Here's the result!

This is the fabric I chose. At first I was going for a completely white dress with some red adornments but then I decided that a floral pattern would be much better. I'm quite happy with the choice I made! It's pure cotton if you're wondering. The total was €21 (not much and I still have some fabric left at home!)

The shoes I bought for €5 at Seaside. They weren't really white but I couldn't care less, because I thought they fitted perfectly with the dress. And they really do! I also decided on something with a small heel. Actually they have more of a wedge than anything else, but a small one. 

This is the progress picture (I'm trying to save space XD). I made the bows from the same fabric as the dress and glued them to the front part of the shoes. I didn't do anything else except for that.

As for the hat, I bought a simple white hat to be the base for what I wanted to do! I didn't buy something very big because I thought it wouldn't look good. The only thing I really did with the hat was taking off the original 'flower' it had and applying the bow.

I prefered the bow because of the shoes. If the shoes had no adornments I would have used a flower instead of a bow. But once again, I'm not trying to replicate the picture, I'm just taking inspiration from it!

The basket with flowers was a last minute idea. At first I had no intention on making it but 2 days before the photoshoot I decided to make one. Just because I thought it would be a great prop!! And it turned out to be a good idea!

Here's the progress:

(sorry for the bad quality of the pictures!)

I applied molding clay on the basket so I could fixate the flowers. That was also a last minute idea! I had a bit of molding clay at home (I bought it a while ago to make a mask for a Tobi cosplay I ended up not doing,  but I may still do it this Summer or not, we'll see) Here's the final product!

(on the left is the back and on the right is the front part)

It looks a lot prettier in real life, believe me!! And the colors are so much more vibrant, I just don't feel like editing these... *lazy mode*

As for the dress, it was a chalenge to me since it was the first dress that I've ever made!

I think it came out quite well actually! I'm pretty happy with the result! *-* I may do a dress like this for myself sometime!

This last Thursday I did the photoshoot for this costume! Some time ago I invited Fiaziinha to be my Sasuke, also in a summer dress. She said yes, and I was so excited because I've always wanted to make a photoshoot with the Uchiha Brothers (sisters in this case XD).

Our photographer was Lena-chan! *-* She's such an amazing photographer!! She did my small SnJ Kakuzu photoshoot and has also taken some of my Kurapika pictures!

At first me and Fiaziinha wanted to go to Buddha Eden for this shoot, but things didn't turn out that way (basically we had no one to take us) so we ended up doing it on Expo! It's still a great place so I didn't mind!

Our scenery! Sorry for the crappy photo but this was taken at the end of the shoot so we were kind of in a hurry to get the hell out of there XD

We took a total of 250 pictures, and this might have been the shoot with the biggest amount of pictures taken that I've ever made! And our costumes weren't even big or hard to make...

I don't want to show lots of pics from the shoot and make this post even bigger than what it is already (giant ass post!), but I can show you some!

Lady Itachi being mean to her younger sister, Sasuko. And looking like a duck on crack at the same time! XD

Mustache time!!

And fuck yooou
Yup I just said 'fuck' in my blog.

The red ribbow got loose during the photoshoot so Sasuko is helping Lady Itachi to get it tied up again. Which ended up being Lena-chan to tie the knot because Sasuko couldn't do it right -/.\-
And she even asked Lady Itachi to be in that position which killed me.

This has to be the best picture of the entire shoot. Like... it's so perfect XD
And a big f*ck-yooooou~

Just a cute moment 

Us!~ <3

And this is all guys! For now at least. I will try to post pictures soon!