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Convention Report: Photoshoot #10 (+ new cosplay)

Hey everyone! 

I really want to apologise for not posting this earlier. The thing is, I've been super busy with some personal issues and didn't have much time - or patience - to write anything here. I actually feel ashamed of the delay.

I also feel like this is a repetitive message, but there are just times when I can't write at all. I'm really, really sorry! ;__;

Well, on the 9th of February I went to this event called Photoshoot #10

Photoshoot is pretty much a huge cosplay gathering that happens every year during Carnival, where cosplayers just gather around Parque das Nações and take pictures, talk to each other, etc...!

I had planned since last year to go as Madara Uchiha from Naruto! However, things sometimes don't go the way we plan and something happened along the way and I ended up not going as him. So about a week before the event I decided to do an entirely new cosplay.

So I went as Mikoto Uchiha in her ninja version!

Photo by Fiaziinha

I literally finished this costume 5 minutes before going to the con! It was such a stressful cosplay -.- I really want and need to remake some things, but I like how it came out! 

Yes, it was designed by me. Despite Mikoto being a real character we never got to see her in ninja clothing! I have always pictured her as a sexy and powerful ninja before getting married. She was a jounin after all!

I wish I had progress pictures to show you, but I barely have anything since I was in such a short time.

Photo by Waribashi (I hope they don't mind me using this, but if necessarily I will take it out)

At exactly 3 p.m. we took the traditional group photo! I almost missed it, but I made it on time (I made it like 2 seconds before the photo!). Try to see if you can find me!

After that I just talked to some amazing friends! I really missed everyone! 

I'll just show you some photos I took with friends and around the con, though I really don't have that much to show you.

Photo by Johnny Charneca, you can find the original here!
Me and my Soulmate-chan, I missed her so much! ;w; She looked gorgeous 

Everything on my costume was falling off here and yes you can see my underwear -.-

Me and Lena-chan! Many of you know her because she does most of my photoshoots! Unfortunately we were barely together that day so we didn't have time to do one ;__; Even so I loved being with her! 

Photo by Fiaziinha, but she doesn't mind me using it XD
Photo by Fiaziinha

Misaki taking a photo of me and Piiui-chan! 

After talking to a lot of people me and Fiaziinha decided to do a photoshoot! I ripped a bit of my fishnet tights but oh well... The photos came out super awesome! So it was worth it.

Well, after a while almost everyone left and I stayed for a little longer with my friend Ana, who always (or almost always) goes to the conventions and events with me! I'm so glad she can come and have a good time with everyone at the cosplay world!

I'm currently on the process of trying to convince her to start cosplaying as well, so wish me luck!

Me and her!

I really love those contacts! I was going to buy normal Sharingan contact lenses for Mikoto, however since I was in such a short time (and the contacts sometimes take more than a week to get here), I decided to wear the one's I bought for Madara. So yes, that's Madara's Mangekyou Sharingan!

At the end of the event I found my friend Marta, who is a really important person to me (she was pretty much one of the first cosplayers I met). And for my surprise she filmed me for her video! I was so happy! 

At about 6:30 p.m. me and Ana went home. But first we stopped by McDonalds to eat something XD We were starving! It was the first time I ate the entire day!

Mcdonals in the car!

And then the day was officially over. I will admit that I was planning on not going, just staying home, but I'm really glad I decided to go after all! Besides, the weather was fantastic! It was really warm and sunny!

I want to thank everyone who spent the day with me for the awesome time! Thank you so much 

Photo by Fiaziinha - Original HERE


Mikoto Uchiha - Ninja

Character: Mikoto Uchiha
Manga/Anime: Naruto
Version: Ninja (Original)
Status: Finished (currently remaking a few things)
First used: Photoshoot #10 (2013) 
Planning on using again? Maybe

About: I've been wanting to cosplay Mikoto in a ninja outfit for a long time! Mikoto is a very lovely and sweet mother, but I've always pictured her as a sexy, powerful woman before giving birth. She was a Jounin after all! Even though this costume was rushed and done at the last minute (literally), I think it came out pretty well. Actually, I kind of really love it!



Photos by Fiaziinha