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Festa do Japão 2012

Hey everyone! 

I'm so bored right now, you guys have no idea -.-

Yesterday (2nd of July) I went to an event called Festa do Japão, which can be translated to Party of Japan.

I wasn't planning of going to be honest. I've been too tired and I'm taking a small break from cosplay, so I can regain my strenght and do an awesome costume I have on my mind (I wasn't going to announce this yet but I had to mention it here).

I ended up going because a certain someone I really love "forced me" to go. 

It rained. Not a lot, but it still rained a little bit. It was cold and windy too. But after a while the weather warmed up and the sun was actually shining. Too bad it was when I left XD

I decided to wear my normal clothes as you can see XD My hair looks horrible because it was a wet. Besides it rained on it twice already before the event.

Misaki, João (I have no idea if he has dA or something), Fiaziinha and Me.

The event was ok. I only stayed there for a couple of hours but it was enough to see how it was. The mood was great, and I met some of my cosplay friends that I didn't see for quite some time.

I guess there could have been more stands and they could have also used the space a little better (I know it wasn't that big but still). Otherwise it was ok.

Me in action X3

Me and some AWESOME people made a video for PewDiePie's "Fridays with PiewDiePie"!! It was Mindbizarre's idea, I can't wait until he sees it! *-*

And that's all for now. I'll try to upload new cosplay pics soon.