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New Cosplay: Madara Uchiha (Naruto)

Hey everyone! 

I'm finally bringing you a blog post about a new costume: Madara Uchiha from Naruto!

Official Artwork from the Databook I believe

This costume was a dream.

Not a lot of people know this, but when I started watching Naruto I used to hate the Uchiha clan. The years passed, a lot of things changed and as you know I now love them more than the actual series itself. With Madara was no different, I used to hate him but as the story progressed I eventually fell in love.

Screenshot from the anime
I've been planning to do it for quite some time, but I came to the conclusion that I had a problem: wig. I searched but never found a wig of my liking and I am horrible at wig styling so that wasn't even an option. 

One day I spoke with Manon (an amazing portuguese cosplayer), explaning to her the problem and she agreed to help me! She and Leonor (one of my cosplay idols) styled my wig and it turned out awesome! ♥ Specially considering the wig I gave them SUCKED.

Photos by Manon! Thank you so much! 
The sewing part of the costume went pretty well. The shirt, pants and waist "skirt" were quite easy to do! I did not have time to do the shinobi sandals, so I adapted Mikoto's (basically cut them short). 

Pants progress!
And the finished pants!
Some pictures of the progress of the shirt! I still hadn't cut the collar at this point.
Unfortunately I don't have more photos of the sewing parts. I didn't take any of the waist "skirt" or the finished shirt, but you can see those when I start posting photos of the costume!

To me the real challenge of this cosplay was the armour. I had an extremely short budget, which meant any expensive material was completely out of question. So after thinking a lot on what would be the best and most economic thing to use, I decided to do the armour with artificial leather (Napa para quem é português). 

Cutting the patterns
The final pattern of the armour! Everything made of paper. 
I did a sort of pattern out of paper before cutting the real thing. I wasn't sure of the size of each piece (26 total) and didn't want to mess up the final product, so I made everything out of paper to see how it looked like! I LOVED the result so I went ahead with it!

Next I cut every piece in red cardboard and glued the fake leather on top. I could have used just the leather but I thought it would be too soft so I decided to add the cardboard. I then made small holes in certain parts of the armour (the same places you can see in the pictures above) with a hot iron and used white wool to tie everything together!

Armour progress
The front and sides of the armour complete! The back is missing but it's the same as the front

With all honesty, I'm extremely proud of this armour. It was the first time I've ever done something like this and I love the final result  The only problem with is that it's not very resistent, specially on the torso (I used it for about 5 hours on the con and it looked horrible at the end, I had to iron the whole thing). Besides that it's extremely comfortable!

Last but not least, the other challenge of this cosplay: the Gunbai (Madara's weapon).

Drawing the Gunbai
I've had this idea on how to do the Gunbai since the beggining. I didn't want something too heavy since I knew I had to carry it around at least for the entire afternoon, but I wanted something resistant. Once again super expensive materials were not an option.

I found this sort of plywood at an extremely good price, and I thought it would look amazing as the Gunbai's base. Plywood usually has one side that is smooth and another that's not. This one has both sides smooth. I drew everything by hand, only with a reference photo.

Left: The Gunbai already cut (and upside down -.-) | Right: Gunbai with the handle glued
What I used to paint the Gunbai (+ black and red acrylic that's missing)
Left: The primary paint | Right: Completely painted and almost finished!

It took me around 4/5 hours to do the Gunbai. I only finished it on the day of the event but it turned out great! The only thing that's missing in the last picture is the bandages around the handle and both the bottom and top of the same. I did those with papier-mâché.

This costume was both the best and the worst cosplay experience I ever had. There was sweat, tears and blood (especially tears) in the process but I feel so good when I wear it. I feel happy with how it came out, and I usually don't feel 100% happy with my costumes.

When I can I still want to remake the sandals and just give some finishing touches in little things, but it's overall completed! I already had two little shoots and I want to post pictures soon! Maybe tomorrow!

Hope you liked it