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News + Balance of 2012 Cosplays (middle of the year)

Finally, I'm making this post! It's about time I write something new here.

I've been really busy lately because I had National Exams (AKA Finals) so I had to study A LOT. But now that I'm free and on vacations, I have more time for cosplay and blogging!

Before I do the balance of my cosplay year so far, I just want to mention 2 things quickly:

First, I'm currently sponsoring/being sponsored by! They came to me asking for a sort of cross-promotion which I accepted! They have really good things so you should check them out! They sell not only cosplays and cosplay props but also wigs, Lolita dresses and acessories and Kigurumis! Seriously, you should check them out.

I also have a permanent link on my sidebar to their website, under the tittle of 'Sponsors' <3

The other thing that I want to mention, is that I appeared on KawattaKun's newest cosplay music video (Anicomics 2012)! Even though I only appear for like... 2 seconds, I think the video is amazing, I really liked it! *-* Good job Kawatta!

I appear on the minute 3:13 (among with friends <3) as Itachi Uchiha - Mafia version (I'm on the left). I'm not sure if you can watch the video here, I think you can only watch it on Youtube (Youtube policies, don't ask). Watch in HD!

About the balance of my cosplays so far (which is the main reason I did this post), I don't want to make a huge thing about it, because it becomes boring to read. Besides I think this post is already big, so I don't want to make it even bigger.

I'll just try to do the same thing I did last year: lists. It's simpler that way!

Cosplays that I've finished (100%) until now:
  • Itachi Uchiha (Naruto) - Angels of Revolution
  • Itachi Uchiha (Naruto) - Mafia
Cosplays that I'm working on (at the moment):
  • Itachi Uchiha (Naruto) - Sexy no Jutsu (genderbend) Summer Dress - 85%
  • Secret Cosplay #1 - 40%
  • Alucard (Hellsing) - %1 (HIATUS until Winter time)
Cosplays that I'm planning on doing still this year:
  • Secret Cosplay #2
  • Midorii (OC)
This year has just been crazy... I've had so many ideas for cosplays, but had to discard must of them because I just don't have the possibilities to do it (money and time). I changed my 2012 Cosplay List so many times, I lost count! It's crazy!

I still may do Serious Sam (genderbend), Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon), Haku (Naruto) and Kisame Sexy no Jutsu (Naruto), or at least one of these. At this point I seriously can't tell if I'm going to cosplay all, some, or none. 

I may also come up with another cosplay idea XD You never know. About photoshoots, I have a lot too! But I'll talk about it later.

And this is all for now. I'm going to make a post soon showing some WIP's from my Itachi Uchiha - Summer Dress (genderbend)! It's almost finished!