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New Photoshoot/Cosplay: Misa Amane

Hey everyone! 

I finished another cosplay! Misa Amane from Death Note!

This costume was a request from CJWilde. She wanted to see me cosplay Misa, so I accepted the challenge, even though I don't really like the character >.< I mean... she's annoying and a bit stupid (I'm being nice here).

I already had most of the costume done, before she requested it from me. Actually, I let a friend use it as her 1st cosplay (so if you've seen this costume already it's mine).

Here's the version I was trying to "mimick":

The reason I said "mimick" is because the costume isn't 100% equal.

The dress I used is actually one of my dresses. I simply altered it a bit so it resembled more Misa's dress. But I didn't do much work, since they are both incredibly similar.

I don't have boots like those, so I used my platform boots. It was either that or my military ones. But I though it looked better with the plats, so I used them. I didn't have the Fleur-de-Lis necklace either, so I used one of my crosses.

The gloves, choker and Death Note (book) were made by me. As for the socks, I decided to go with pantyhose/tights instead. I also styled the wig entirely (I straightened it and gave the wig Misa's hairstyle).

(if you look closely, on the 2nd pic you can see on the floor the hair that was chopped off XD)

Here is a picture of the dress and the boots I used. The boots are from Demonia (they are quite old -.-) and the dress I believe it's from Hell Bunny (though I'm not really sure).

Now lets talk about the actual photoshoot:

I don't even remember the day anymore LOL It was... August 30th? I think... *goes check* Yeah, that's the correct date.

We went to Expo, since it's huge and it has a huge variety of nice places to take pictures. At first I wanted to go to FIL but they were closed (big fail XD). I still wanted to take pics there, so the majority of them were taken outside of FIL (it's still nice, though it doesn't have what I really wanted). The others (not many really) were taken outside of Pavilhão Atlântico (it's a place where there are shows).

I don't have photos of the backstage that I can show you :/ I'm really sorry. The thing is, I usually have at least 2 cameras at the photoshoot, but this time there was only 1. Besides, it started raining (like always, it rains in every single photoshoot I do >.<) so we had to be really quick. 

In about an hour we were done, and going back home.

I'll give you just a little something, since I'm not planning on using this photo... XD (because it's awful lol and you can't really see the entire outfit).

Yes I took it like that on purpose, I didn't want to spoil all the fun just yet!

I will be doing more posts next week, even though school is about to start. I still want to update my Secret Cosplay #1 that I revealed the other day to be Sexy no Jutsu Kakuzu X3 There will be updates about that.

AND ALSO I will be spamming you with new pics of several previous cosplays (i.e. Kurapika). And there is also a new cos on my list this year: Itachi street style. It's a present for my little sis Fiaziinha483!

That's all for now :3 Thanks for reading!