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Anipop Kyuu-Ti REPORT

Hey everyone! 

I should have done this last week, but laziness didn't let me X3 So I'm doing it now.

DAY 1 - 16th September 2011
I didn't attend this day because I had school until 5 p.m.

DAY 2 - 17th September 2011 - Kakuzu Sexy no Jutsu cosplay (Naruto)
I woke up at 11 a.m, so I was late by 2 hours. 2 HOURS BEHIND. I almost died when I looked at the clock.

I had to do everything really quickly. I took a shower and immediately started doing the stitches. I asked for help since I can't reach most of the places (legs, back, arms, chest and face). It was about half an hour to do everything + 10 minutes for the rest of the makeup.

Then I ate my lunch (my mom doesn't let me go out without eating properly -.-)  and got dressed. 

When I left home it was about 14:45. I arrived there at 15:20. The con took place in a museum called Museu do Oriente. It had 7/8 floors (not sure), so we had a lot of nice places to take pictures without having people passing by constantly.

Despite the extremely warm weather (GOD WE WERE BURNING) and the fact that the elevators were always full, the day was amazing! XD 

I spent most of the time with my sister Sofia AKA Sasuke (don't kill me XD), PiiUi and my partner in crime Jo (whose mother I met, and I'm still scared of what she might have thought about me because of the cosplay I was wearing). Later Glinn and Lena joined us XD

I also saw my sexy Sebastian Marta (OMG YOU WERE COSPLAYING SEBAS AGAIN *W*), Saky and her boyfriend Ademar, my number one fan JokelUnicorn... I MET MY TOBI-KUN FINALY *w* And I saw so many other people!

I left at... 19:30? Something like that. And I fell hard on the stairs XDD I'm not gonna talk about it here, but if you're that curious, just read it on my Tumblr, here.

Here's a pic of me as Sexy no Jutsu Kakuzu X3 Taken by the amazing Lena! *w* (I'll post more later)

(See it in DeviantArt here)

DAY 3 - 18th September 2011 - Ion Fortuna cosplay (Trinity Blood)
I woke up way earlier than the previous day since I had to be there at 11:30 a.m. But I only arrived at 12:15 because of the traffic -.-

This day was extra special because I finally had the opportunity to cosplay with my idol Lenore-Eeva-Leena!! She's so amazing *w* (I think I've said this many times before XDD) She played Mirka Fortuna while I was Ion Fortuna X3

I've accepted the challenge of cosplaying him in Anicomics 2011 (May) because she said I would look amazing in it. She was right (damn XD), I do look very similar to the character (even though my wig was falling off during the entire con, because of the weight and pressure the turban did).

She made all the costume, I only took care of the props (except the dagger, she also got it for me).

We didn't take any pictures :/ But we want to do a proper photoshoot, in location *w* So I look forward to it!! I bet it's gonna be amazing!

Until now, I leave you this pics X3

(THE WIG WAS FALLING TT_TT And it's her on the left *w*)

I spent most of the day with Alex, Riri, PaiNatal (we still need to plan our wedding XD) and Jokeeeeeeel (really honey how do you want me to call you? I'll start calling you Deidara XD). Of course I also spent time with other people XDD

It was lots of fun X3 I love going to this events and I love cosplay geez X3

As for the things I bought...

The pin was given to me by Alex and the scarf was given by Jokel X33 I love you both guys <33

And that was it! I just wanna ask you to see this video about the con Marta did *w* It's so amazing!! (I'm on it XD).