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Con Report - Iberanime LX 2013

Hey everyone! 

I know, two posts in a day! What a miracle ehe ♥ I guess this one will be small though, I don't have many photos to show you (I barely took any) and I don't want to drag it way too much!

On the 13th and 14th of this month there was this con - Iberanime LX 2013. Iberanime is the biggest convention we have in our country and it happens every years twice: one in Lisbon and another one in Oporto.

I've been longing for this con ever since I didn't have a change to wear Madara at Photoshoot #10 earlier this February. Last year I wanted to wear Amy Rose for Iberanime, but I changed my plans completely.

Day 1 - 13th April 2013 - Madara Uchiha (Naruto)
Ah, this day was completely insane!

I had to wake up earlier to finish my costume! Even so I didn't have time to finish a couple of details, and since I didn't want to get to the convention late, I went with some little things unfinished (the costume itself was 99% done so I didn't mind much).

I got there at around 2 something p.m (I had a small problem with the armour so it took me longer), and met by brother and his girlfriend as well as my friend Elly!

(I must warn you that I'm doing almost the same face in all these pictures ; ;)

Misaki, me, Sofia and Piiui-chan!

Ema and me! I finally spent some time with her ;w; She's so awesome!

Me and Manon! She's the one who took care of my wig (alonside Leonor). Sexy ninja with pink hair XD (I can't remember the name ; ;)

The gorgeous Kei and me! She's always so beautiful in Lolita ;w;

Me and Elly! She looked really cool as female L!

I didn't stop for a second the entire day! People kept asking me for photos! I swear that I took around 60/70 photos that day, just with random people! I was really happy people liked my costume so much. It made the experience even better 

Oh and I was interviewed by the TV! Though I'm not sure if I want to see the interview, I kinda messed up at one point ; ;

Madara's a dog lover now! This puppy was so adorable *o*

Even though people kept interrupting me to take photos, I still had a bit of time to be with my friends! Ema made me small photoshoot and I did one to her. Later that day (after the con ended) I also made a small shoot with Elly! And I was crazy enough to go into the water with the costume still on. Thank god it was super hot that day!

The photos turned out awesome, and I hope I can post them both here, DeviantArt and Tumblr soon! As well as updating my other cosplay galleries.

Day 2 - 14th April 2013 - Carla Radames (Resident Evil 6)
I decided to take Carla this day so I could have a little break from photos. I knew from the beggining that Carla isn't a very well known character here and therefore I would not be asked for lots of photos. I really needed a small break this day! 

I was happy though that some people recognised me! 

Key and me once again! She looked gorgeous this day as well!

My soulmate-chan Adrii as Asuna and me on the far right! I don't know who the other 2 girls are but if you know please tell me!

Me! Photo by Sofia

There wasn't as many people the second day as on the first, but it was still full of people! And the weather was much warmer than the previous day, in my opinion!

It felt great to be able to spend the day not worrying about anything besides being with my friends. I missed everyone so much  ♥  I still ended up doing a small shoot with Sofia, both me to her and her to me! Double shoot!

Soda break! Fanta (my favourite!)  

Me and my nii-san!

At the end of the day I was completely exausted. And let's not talk about the high heels, that was the down part of wearing Carla's costume >.< 

Even so, it was an amazing convention and I was super sad it was over!

I bought these two adorable Arpakasso! They're so perfect ;w;

Last but not least, I made several small appearences on XOtaku's new video! It looks really great, I think they're getting better and better!

And this is all! I hope you liked my extremely small post about Iberanime! I want to start my next cosplay very soon, I will give you news about that when I can!

Thank you for reading