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Convention Report: Midori II

Hey everyone! 

So, it's time for a new convention report! This time I'm going to talk about Midori II.

So, Midori II was held during the 22nd and 23rd September in Centro Galego de Lisboa! It was the first time that I went to a Midori event and also the first time I've been at that place!

I went both days and met amazing people there! *o*

DAY 1 - 22nd September 2012 - Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter)
My morning was super stressful that day! 

I had to wake up really early because my parents were going to a small trip in Alentejo, so I had to go to my grandparent's house. I had to carry my costume to their house, on foot, and it was almost raining! The weather looked horrible, I thought it was going to rain the entire day! ;__;

I decided to take Kurapika that day! I hadn't worn this costume in over a year and besides, I didn't have any pictures of it! So it was a great opportunity to make a photoshoot! 

My grandpa took me there on his car. Neither of us had ever been to Centro Galego de Lisboa, so we didn't have a clear idea of how to get there. We finally found a place to park, but we had to walk a bit because we still had to find it! And guess what? WE GOT LOST!

But, thanks to some guy we found it! If it wasn't for him we would have never gotten there!

The con was in this huge house! To be honest, I was a bit disapointed because the space outside was a little bit small. And because the stage was also outside, which to be honest, sucks.

However, it had a garden with a fountain and a small lake, lots of green spaces and an amazing view! *o* That's where I did my photoshoots!

I didn't took more pictures of the garden because I forgot ;w;

I was so excited to meet all my friends!

I finally met Malakai! *o* She's so sweet and cute! I feel sad we didn't get to take a picture together but I'm sure we can see each other some other time. Maybe even this year!

I met so many people, I can't name everyone! I spent a bit of the day with Fiaziinha, Misaki, João and Caty!

Me and my cosplay idol Lenore-Eeva-Leena *o* I look horrible!

Me and Lena-chan! I look horrible again! ;___;

So, I did a photoshoot with Lena-chan as the photographer (I love her Tsunade cosplay so much *o*) and also as a cosplayer! If you read my blog you know that she has done several of my photoshoots, and they're always so amazing!!

Of course, this one was no exception! She's so talented! And the location helped a lot too! I will be posting photos of the shoot really soon!

My feet!

At the end of the afternoon I also did a shoot (as the photographer) with my friend BloodandCandies! She looked super pretty! You can see some of the pictures we took in her gallery.

DAY 2 - 23nd September 2012 - Mikoto Uchiha (Naruto)
I thought it'd be a calm day because my parents were already home and I didn't have to carry stuff around, but... I LOST MY WALLET! Yeah, I lost it, so I spent like half an hour searching for it at my house, already in costume! And yes, I found it!

Despite this little problem, I was super excited because I was finally going to wear my Mikoto Uchiha costume!

Me and Fiaziinha!

This day was a blast! I did another photoshoot, this time with Fiaziinha! I was both the photographer and the model! I carried around a baby Itachi the entire day, but it was so awesome! And I loved when people recognized me because of the plushie ahaha XD

Uchiha Mikoto by TheGothica (photo by Fiaziinha)
My feet again!!
I bought a lot of stuff! Two Naruto badges, some lolita accessories, a Sasuke phone-charm... And then, I bought the most amazing thing ever!

I finally have the Kusanagi sword (Sasuke's sword)! Now I can start thinking about cosplaying Sasuke Uchiha! I just need to find a decent wig and YES, I will cosplay Sasuke!

That's all for now (I'm super tired >.<)! Hope you guys liked it and expect new photos soon! Also, I am updating the costume gallery!