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Anicomics 2012

Hey everyone! 

FINALLY a new post.

Yes, I know. I've been lagging and I have no excuse this time. I'm just very lazy at the moment. A lot of stuff has been going on in my life and I'm exausted both emotionally and fisically. I apologise.

As a matter of fact I believe this post is going to be small (because once again I'm very lazy and I barely have a picture to show you guys).

Anicomics Lx 2012 occured during the 5th and 6th of May. It's one of the biggest cons we've had here in Portugal so far. This year was the 3rd edition and I have to say it was absolutely amazing.

And when I say amazing, I really mean AMAZING!

I've been going to this con since the 1st edition and every year it's better than the last. I want to congratulate Mário Freitas for the wonderful organization and awesome time Anicomics provided me and my friends! Thank you so much and amazing job!!

Yes, I really can't wait for next year X3

Just for the lols, here's a picture of me and my partner in crime Jo, on the 1st edition of Anicomics (2010):


As for cosplays, I went with a new one: Itachi Uchiha - Mafia version!

I actually kind of regret going with that outfit. It was WAY too hot both days to walk around in a black suit -.- (but I'm an idiot) I sort of suffered a little everytime I was outside.

About this outfit, it was a last minute idea. I currently have no new outfits, even though I'm working in a few surprises.

Itachi Uchiha - Angels of Revolution was out of question because the place is too small, Ion Fortuna I just wore on the last con and Kurapika was a no-no because last Anicomics I went with that outfit. All the other costumes were either too hot or not available at the moment.

And no way I would go as Sexy no Jutsu Kakuzu, that's just a lot of work (all the stitching, geez XD).

Thank you Eternal4everfriends for the picture!! <3

I was a bit sad because the version I wanted to cosplay is from a fanart I really love (and I love the artist as well), but I didn't have a red suit or time to make one. So I just wore the black suit I used for Deidara - Mafia since I won't use that cosplay anymore (I will do the grey suit version from the same fanart, it's so much prettier).

Now, what I bought:

And that's all, I think... 

I just want to say that everyone was amazing, I saw stunning costumes! *-* Also, congratulations to the cosplay competition's winners!!

I will make a new post sometime soon talking about my next costumes and also make a balance of the year so far. You can also always check the side bar (on the left) with the cons/events I'll be attending this year and also my cosplay list for 2012. I'm always updating it.

I have recently created a blog where I post my daily outfits, clothing/acessories and non-related cosplay stuff I make. It doesn't have many things so far, but I'll be updating it more in the next weeks. It's called TheGothica

 Please visit it!